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HOCKEYtoday.cc is a project launched by Bernardo Fernandes from self-pass.com and Ernst Baart from be-hockey.com & studiohockey.com.
In September 2018 they were joined by Javi Telechea from coachinghockey.com.ar.
All have extensive national and international experience in the world of field hockey in different capacities and are very passionate about their sport. We all believe in the concept of “sharing is caring”!

The FIH Academy & European Hockey Federation endorse our project and we will seek the same from all continental and national federations.


Our hashtag says it all #sharetheknowledge !

An online library of drills and coaching knowhow ready to use in your daily coaching & training or for inspiration. A shared catalog filled with relevant knowledge, drills and coaching stuff. Obviously our hashtag #sharetheknowledge says it all.

Not unlike a traditional conference with exhibitors showcasing their goods or services, with high profile keynote speakers and several workshops. What sets us apart is we will do this 100% online so coaches from all over the world will be able to attend without travel.

The third cc is where we will meet up online with renowned coaches from all over the world for a casual chat about their take on coaching plus a Q&A fuelled by your questions. A video chat with top coaches based upon your input & needs... live streamed & on demand.
#sharetheknowledge !

Lastly, but certainly not in the least we want to offer you several coach courses for online study of all elements in the coaching profession. Courses you can enroll whenever you can and where you study at your own pace.
We aim to start offering this by the end of 2018 ! #sharetheknowledge


HOCKEYtoday.cc is online. So we are exclusively (!) on the internet at… you’ve guessed it : www.hockeytoday.cc and we're accessible on your phone and computer.


HOCKEYtoday.cc 's Coach Conferences are scheduled for one or two editions every year. The first edition has been hosted on Friday, 2017-12-15 !

Our Coach Catalog is online and will fill up over the months and years to come with more drills and knowhow for you to use in your daily training and coaching activities. 

Coach Chat has started immediately following our first ever Coach Conference and you can see between 6 and 10 chats every year as of January of 2018!

Finally our Coach Courses offer is still in the making and we aim to online with this service by 2019.


HOCKEYtoday.cc is all about the “sharing is caring” mantra and in this case more specifically about #sharetheknowledge ! We want to provide hockey coaches all over the world and from all levels (if you're ambitious and eager to learn) a platform to learn from the best and to share our knowhow among each other. So.... Join us !

Join us

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