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Coach Conference 2017-12-15

Welcome to our Coach Conference. Below you'll find all keynotes and workshops scheduled for today. If you can't make one of our workshops live, do not worry. You will always be able to view the recording of it afterwards. Not the same experience as being there for the live version, since you can not participate and ask your own questions anymore, bit still... it's better than having no access at all ?
We hope you enjoy !

Ric Charlesworth

Click the image to watch the keynote by Ric Charlesworth on building winning teams

Schedule for 2017-12-15

Click to enlarge and see our time schedule for the day

Mark Cairns

Click the image to watch the workshop by Mark Cairns on video analysis and what hockey could learn from rugby partner

Pirmin Blaak

Click the image to watch the workshop by Pirmin Blaak on advanced goalie training partner

Laurine Delforge

Click the image to watch the workshop by Laurine Delforge on communication with umpires partner

Annemieke Griffin-Zijerveld

Santi Freixa

Click the image to watch the workshop by Santi Freixa on scoring partners

Justin Reid Ross

Click the image to watch the workshop by Justin Reid Ross on the dragflick

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