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  • 25
    Coaching the hit
    2 weeks agoapproved1
    The hit is one of our most basic and important skills. It would be good to have a course from an expert explaining the biomechanics of the hit and show how to train this at different levels.
  • 7
    PC defense & offense
    2 weeks agoopen0
    A full course on some good ways to train penalty corners. Not so much the dragflick technique. But more the combo between injector, stopper and striker. As well as defending against a PC.
  • 2
    Teaching the dragflick
    2 weeks agoopen0
    A course by one of the world's renowned dragflick specialists on how to teach the dragflick. So this will not be a course teaching you how to be a good dragflick specialist as a player. But rather a course on how to become a good dragflicking coach.
  • 2
    Elimination skills
    2 weeks agoopen0
    A course on teaching how to win those 1v1 duels, from both the attacker as well as the defenders point of view

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