Next Coach Conference in November 2018

We started our adventure on little over a year ago and launched our first Coach Conference in December 2017. Opening with a keynote delivered by none other than coaching legend Ric Charlesworth set the tone...

It is because we choose to bring you quality that we decided to postpone our next Coach Conference. Mixing up popular sayings we are saying: "better late than sorry". Originally scheduled for 2018-06-22 at the eve of the final Champions Trophy, we moved it to the 23rd of November so we can bring you the quality you can can expect from us. The concept remains the same... an inspirational keynote delivered by the very top and several workshops on specific detailed coaching topics from coaches all over the world. Also we hope to bring you a top notch paneltalk as well this time... Because we think it is a good thing to learn from other (hockey) cultures and to #sharetheknowledge !

coach conference 2018-08-31So stay tuned... we will soon tell you who will be featuring in our next Coach Conference, scheduled for the end of November. Meanwhile we're scheduling several new Coach Chats as well. We will keep you posted once these are confirmed. Plus we will also be announcing a new partner for very soon. Exciting news because they will bring on extra knowhow, extra inspiration and lots of new coaches for our Coach Community... 🙂